Why do you need a 14,000 gaming chair?

Last year, Acer revealed the mad Thronos gaming chair, and with a less motorised model, it’s back this year. The Predator Thronos Air, yeah, the air-like MacBook Air, was planned to be more affordable less than its original $20,000 price tag to be more competitive.

It removes the mechanical motorised control arm for a manually controlled one, but it retains the same massive steel frame that allows up to three screens to enclose you in the whole gaming chair.

The adjustments bring the cost down to $13,999, which would be an extraordinary a lot of money to invest in a gaming chair, but the absence of motorisation makes it a bit less crazy than the prototype of last year. The desk that’s included in the chair also offers a customisation keyboard and mouse pad that does not move into motion spontaneously, as well as a footrest to keep your feet up.

With 3 monitors, a gaming PC, and a digital camera above the top monitor, you’ll need to kit this thing out so you can tell the world you’ve paid nearly $20,000 for this full system. If you have the money for this throne, it will be distributed in North America and Europe in about a month.

If you don’t have costly gaming tables, Acer too has two new laptop products that may cater to most gamers. It’s just a 1080p screen, of course, so you can boost the framerates and actually take advantage of the 300Hz range and use the RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU within to do that.

The majority of the Titan 500 hasn’t altered apart from the screen, so you get up to a 9th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, up to 32 GB of RAM, and around 512 GB of SSD space. The latest 300Hz screen device is valued at $2,799.99 in December.

Acer also releases a smaller, faster Triton 300 Predator. The 15.6-inch gaming laptop, going to weigh in at 5 lbs, involves a 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, a GTX 1650 GPU, around 32 GB RAM, and way above two 1 TB SSDs set up in a storage server.

Acer provides Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, and a 144Hz refresh speed with an overdrive latency of 3ms will also be included in the 15.6″ display. This unique gaming laptop does not seem to have just landed in North America, because Acer announces only that it will be available in EMEA in October, valued at 1,299 euros.

Thronos means putting you up in the electric-powered cockpit where the excitement is. And take a seat, indulge some games in your eyes, and soak yourself in its high tech cocoon-like cabin’s rarified atmosphere. Your throne is waiting for you.

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