Films on the Go with Pico Projector

What if we said you could take entertainment everywhere and share it with the world by projecting it on a wall for the people to enjoy? Let’s look at the Insignia Pico projector – it can project images and videos from your smart phone or any other device and can last up to two hours on a single battery charge.

It will connect to almost any mobile device, laptop or gaming console through its micro HDMI port. It also has a built-in speaker for audio on the go, however it’s not particularly exciting. You will be better off carrying a mini bluetooth speaker with you and connect that directly to your phone for a better audio experience. The Insignia Pico projector comes with its own carrying case charging brick and since it charges over USB, you can use almost any external power pack to recharge the portable projector. This makes it very convenient to recharge the projector on the go.

The Pico comes with a micro HDMI cable so this will allow you to connect almost any compatible Android device to the projector. The key is in “compatible” and not in “any” – don’t assume you will be able to connect any phone. If yors has an outdated Android software or it’s an older phone, you don’t stand a chance. You need to make sure that the phone is compliant with the MHL standard. It also comes with a micro HDMI to the regular HDMI cable adaptor so you can connect a PlayStation 4 or a computer to the projector.

To connect an Apple device, you need to purchase a separate AV adaptor in order to connect. To get started all you have to do is connect your desired device and then use the finding control to make sure that the image is focused properly on your chosen surface. Once you do that you should be ready to sit back and watch. This projector can beam images up to 80 inches. It’s not high definition however the 640 by 360 pixel display should be crisp and colorful for an entry-level portable projector costing less than $100.

As with any projector the image appears best when it’s used in dark environment, so draw the curtains or wait for the sun to go down if you’re beaming outside. Since the device supports HDMI it is possible to easily watch movies on Netflix and YouTube. The Pico projector has a very small and compact design and it can fit in almost any bag and since it can be charged with almost any external battery pack it really opens up the possibilities of where and how you can entertain your friends. You can use it on the beach to watch movies or you can perform presentations on the go but there is something to consider before use the speaker projector professionally. Since it has a very low lumens rating – just 50 – it will not perform very well in a bright lit environment so that’s something to consider before taking this out on the go and embarrass yourself. Other portable projectrs will have 100 or slightly more lumens, but then again they are twice as costly.

This mobile projector has a very small and compact design that’s so easy to bring almost everywhere you go. You have to wonder about how much technology they were able to fit in a device this small. It is actually so small that you will be encouraged to bring it almost everywhere you go and by doing so you will be able to realise novel uses for a projector like this. Viewing movies on the ceiling while you’re dozing off or sharing a slideshow with a colleague on the go there’s so many potential uses you can have when you can bring a small projector with you almost everywhere.

The only two downsides is its low Lumen ratio and the fact that it is not compatible with any Android device.

If you’re looking for a projector that is portable, easy to use and lightweight, the Pico is what you need.

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