Best Gift for Your Bitcoin Addict

When the whole Bitcoin craze started quite a few years ago, it was easy to mine the coin with an average gaming computer. Now that the cryptocurrency’s rate has skyrocketed, you can no longer stay within the

Films on the Go with Pico Projector

What if we said you could take entertainment everywhere and share it with the world by projecting it on a wall for the people to enjoy? Let’s look at the Insignia Pico projector – it can project

Spice up Your Life with Mismatched or LED Shoelaces

With so much new things happening in the fashion world, I can’t understand why we’re still wearing grey and black shoelaces. Jazz it up, shoelaces is a lovely fashion accessory and it deserves to be colourful. Not

Where to Buy a Laser Pointer or a Burning Laser?

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for cyberpunks and other technologically advanced people, a powerful laser pointer should by high on the shopping list. There’s so much fun you can have with burning lasers.